Portland Twitter Jobs

June 1, 2009

A blog worth keeping an eye on is PortlandTwitterJobs. Also, read the New York Times article (Finding New Employees via Social Networks) cited in today’s lead story called “One More Reason to use Twitter for your Job Search”.


Portfolio sites

June 1, 2009





















Armit Vit

May 26, 2009

Our favorite WebVisions speaker was the last one on Friday: Armin Vit. He’s the eloquent man behind BrandNew, Quipsologies, SpeakUp, the new FPO, UnderConsideration and DesignEncyclopedia. After we got used to his strong accent and he talked his way out of his initial nervousness, he really got on a roll.

Formerly a designer for Pentagram in NYC, he recently relocated to Austin, Texas, has a new baby girl, keeps up with five different blogs a day, and freelances with his wife, Bryony.

He broke down blogs into interesting categories:

Philosophy: Inclusive (Coudal Partners) or Exclusive (zefrank)

Page Structure: 2 or 3 column grid, sidebar and content fields

Topics: broad or specific; work (HouseIndustries) or play (Tolleson Design)

Voice: multiple contributors (DesignObserver) or single contributor (NubbyTwiglet)

Design Approach: is it consciously designed or not

To have a successful blog, he offered the following tips:

Be obsessive about your content (ilovetypography or Bibliodyssey)

Go the extra mile. Read Armin’s post from July 17, 2007 called Dark and Fleshy: The Color of Top Grossing Movies to understand what he mean by “extra mile”.

Go where no one else has gone.

Respect your audience by writing well. (Use complete sentences, no typos, etc.) He actually said “don’t treat your readers like a douchebag”.


The Quality Triangle

May 26, 2009

Daniel Schutzsmith asked the WebVisions audience (70% percent of whom were local attendees) if we’d ever heard of the “Quality Triangle”. He was surprised when most of the audience raised their hand. Apparently, in New York City, where he works, it’s not a well-known term. That didn’t stop him from talking about it for the next 90 minutes. It’s a worthwhile concept for you to know about, so here goes:

Imagine a triangle, with one point being CHEAP. One point is GOOD and the final point is FAST.

Your client wants their project FAST and CHEAP? Then it can’t be GOOD.

Client wants the project CHEAP and GOOD. Then it can’t be FAST.

Client wants the project GOOD and FAST. Then it isn’t going to be CHEAP.

The moral of the story is that only two of the points of the Quality Triangle can happen with a project. If you want to read more, Google it, or read this, one of many articles on the web.



May 26, 2009

David and I attended WebVisions last Thursday and Friday and were struck by how much Twitter was hyped during the conference. During the introduction of Thursday’s keynote speaker, the audience was encouraged to Twitter frequently, and follow the audience’s tweets during each session. Tagging one’s tweets with the right hashtags and keywords was the key.

shizzow logo

The headline for this post comes directly out of the conference program guide. Shizzow, by the way, “helps you hang out with your friends in the real world.” And, in case you’re even more curious, a Shizzeep is a registered user of Shizzow. For sure. I did not make this up.

I would say, however, that Twitter is here to stay, and you really should get on board with it. You can be a lurker like myself and just observe the frenzy!


MIT’s Revolving Homepage

May 26, 2009

Did you know that every day, the home page for MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) changes? Students contribute background images and CSS and they’re swopped out daily. Check it out by viewing the gallery MIT logoof previous pages, or bookmarking the site and checking back once in a while.
From their info page: The image and background colors on the MIT home page change daily to call attention to each new spotlight. The MIT logo shown above is the graphical key to the background designs on the second-level pages. These pages use an enlarged and cropped logo as a background to bring together the categories of life at MIT.


Letterpress movie

May 23, 2009

Lovely video, great music! From the folks at Northern Lights via Uppercase